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software, website, smart home, network, wireless LAN

SecSelS designed our website. It didn’t take much time from the planning to the finished execution and all our wishes were taken care of. Convinced by the fabulous work, we also commissioned SecSelS with our network installation, with which we are extremely satisfied.

software, website, smart home, network, wireless LAN

As a long-established company, we had a website for years that was operated by a well-known large corporation in Luxembourg. Dissatisfied with their performance, we asked around for a cost-effective alternative and came across SecSelS. Enthusiastic about their work, motivation and customer friendliness, we decided to place our trust in them and were not disappointed. In addition to the website, we also had our mail system changed and thanks to SecSelS we now have our own domain!

software, website, smart home, network, wireless LAN

Anyone who thinks that SecSelS only has something to offer for business people is very wrong. The ready-made Internet solutions offered by the domestic market leaders did not work anywhere near satisfactorily. SecSelS listens, thinks about it, provides information, makes an attractively priced offer, explains the incomprehensible in a way that is understandable and clear even for the total layperson, and as soon as an optimal solution has been found, implementation begins quickly. And if questions arise, a short message is enough and everything is clear again in no time at all. For me it’s clear: SecSelS can do what others can’t. This company is there for its customers. Regardless of whether you are a large corporation or a private household… Simply great!

Dr. Heide Diernegger
software, website, smart home, network, wireless LAN

When we opened our restaurant we were looking for a company to build our website and one to take care of our network. With SecSelS we have found both in one. Our website was set up exactly according to our ideas and the network was stabilized and expanded with high-quality products. If there are any problems, SecSelS is always there! A great experience!

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First we analyze what you need. You can meet us digitally or in person at any time! This way we can optimally tailor your solution to you.


Now that we know all the facts, we carefully plan your solution. So you always have a full overview of your costs and experience no unpleasant surprises!


If everything works for you, we’ll get to work immediately. We don’t want to waste any time so that you can use our solutions directly!


The first draft of your solution is ready. Before you use it, we test it extensively together and you can make all your change requests come true!


The time has come, your product is ready! Now you can use everything to the fullest, show it to your friends and colleagues and let our solution work for you.

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