Your SecSi smart home as smart as you!

Our SecSi device is extremely inexpensive compared to other smart home variants! You can have anything from a small single light solution to full home automation! With us, the budget is in your hands and you decide how much you want to spend! So there is something for every budget! Later, you can gradually integrate more devices at any time.

Security is very important to us at SecSelS. With our smart home solutions, you can securely monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world. You alone decide with whom you share your data and who has access to your smart home! So you don’t have to share anything you don’t want and you always have full control over your data! Even purely local solutions are no problem for us!

With many other smart homes, cables have to be laboriously laid, which can be very nerve-wracking and expensive in an old building. With SecSelS, installation is very easy and quick thanks to small devices that are used behind the sockets, light switches, etc. Furthermore, you can control your entire home with a single app and don’t have to find the right app for your device. Our SecSi smart home does not depend on your devices belonging to a single brand. The interface is also purely intuitive to use and you don’t need to bring any know-how with you!

Your smart home can be automated so that certain actions can be carried out by themselves through certain rules. For example, you can automatically open your roller shutters every day at sunrise or close them at sunset. Or you turn on a light simulation when you’re not home at night; different lights go on and off according to learned patterns to deter burglars. For example, you never have to worry about leaving the stove on again. Your smart home takes care of it!

A smart home as flexible as you!

Own Hardware

With the SecSi smart homes, it is up to you which hardware you want to use. We have ready-made solutions as well as completely individual ones for you. Our software does not tie you to a specific hosting provider or to specific hardware – you decide!


Your smart home data are always under your control. All data is collected in your SecSi device and stored in the central unit at your home. It’s purely your decision with whom and what information for what time you want to share. So you can operate your smart home both online and offline!

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