“Do not wait. The timing will never be ‘just right’.” ~Napoleon Hill

About us

Our founder has been interested in technology since his earliest childhood. In addition to his legal studies, he repaired and installed mobile phones, computers and networks for friends and family from time to time. After installing a more cost-effective and feature-rich Smart Home in his own home than those that were on the market, he decided to make his solutions available to others and founded his company SecSelS. SecSelS stands for Secure Selfhosted Software, i.e. software that is secure and can be hosted by yourself. These are qualities that are very important to the founder, along with cost-efficiency and uniqueness. The SecSelS team has gradually expanded and also works closely with external service providers in order to guarantee its customers the best possible service. We are an international company and we serve customers all over Europe.

The right solution for everyone

The satisfaction of our customers is the most important thing for us. That is why all of our solutions are tailored to each individual customer and their needs. For us, words like uniqueness, security and professionalism are not just empty promises , but reality for our customers!

About us

Open Source Software

Data protection-oriented, flexible, license-free are just some of the advantages

Everything in your hands

Whenever possible, we use open source software in our solutions. Open source means that the software can be used and modified without a license fee. Furthermore, it is secure, data protection-oriented and very flexible.

About us

At home

Technology to feel good and relax for your home

Unlimited creativity

We offer you personalized network solutions for your home, as well as smart home solutions tailored to your living space and needs. Be it old or new, in our opinion the age of a house is not a reason for not modernizing your four walls.

About us


Technology that makes your life in business an absolute pleasure

Efficiency on a new level

It is important to us that your company runs smoothly, which is why we offer you network solutions tailored to your business for more efficient work. We will design your complete website so that your customers will be convinced of your company from the very first moment.

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Development Hours
Open source on the web

We are global and have already served numerous customers across Europe!

We live for creativity, intuition & determination

We are creative

In order to enable the perfect processing of your project, we let our creativity run wild. The solutions for our customers are worked out individually according to your needs.

We have intuition

We know exactly what our customers want. But so that not everything is based on intuition, we will conduct long consultations with you in advance.

We are determined

Our team works hard on your projects and makes everything you imagine possible.

We are always there for your digital needs!
With creativity, innovation and persistence we help you to take off!