Your network – secure, fast, powerful and personalized

SecSelS attaches great importance to security. That’s why we also install a firewall for your network, if you wish. Its behavior can be adjusted and tailored to your needs. With personalized rules, you decide who has access to which resources in your network. In addition, you can customize who surfs with what bandwidth, set Internet times for your children and much more! So you can work in your network in a relaxed manner.

Our network installations enable you to surf the Internet much faster, as with standard routers, typically equipped from your Internet provider So the film or game night at home becomes an absolute pleasure! Your important documents from the cloud will also be available to your business more quickly. No more annoying waiting, all your data can be accessed and edited in seconds with just one click.

Do you know the feeling that only one person can be connected to the Internet because otherwise it would hang up or become very slow? Not anymore. With our network installations, you can surf the Internet simultaneously with your whole family, your roommates or your employees and everyone gets the performance they need. This way you can make the best use of your Internet tariff, have WiFi reception throughout the house and always get the best performance.

Your network will be tailored to your needs. Depending on the type of use, number of users or location of the building, we work with you to determine which devices and Internet tariffs best meet your needs. If you wish, we will install all the hardware for you, or you can get the ready-programmed parts and install them yourself. With us everything is in your hands!

A network that is second to none

At home

Is your Internet too slow or can’t you stream your movies without interruption? We will install your dream network for you so that you can enjoy your time with your family at home undisturbed.


Trust our network installations so all your employees can focus on their work without being distracted by Internet connection glitches. Stop struggling with problems that are easy to solve.

Upgrade or new installation

We upgrade your old WiFi network or build it from scratch, giving you better and faster access to the Internet. We make all your Internet dreams come true.

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