New smart home solution from SecSelS released as open source:

SecSelS – Secure Selfhosted Software has made it its mission to simplify the everyday life of its customers with the aid of state-of-the-art technologies. Given the current energy crisis, the company has addressed the question of how individual consumers can keep a better eye on their energy consumption and thus reduce it. The result is an intelligent smart home solution that is also the first Luxembourg open-source application available free of charge to all interested parties. SecSelS has decided to make the entire hardware development open so that other companies as well as private individuals can use and integrate it!

An absolute novelty in Luxembourg: SecSelS has already published the complete construction plans of its brand-new smart home application on its GitHub account. The hardware of the device was developed under a licence that also allows commercial use, so long as the name is given. The source code required for the use of the device is already available on the account. On what is known as the “open-source principle”, hardware and software can be further developed and improved by private individuals and also competitors. “Together, SecSelS wants to help smartly overcome the energy crisis with its decision to make the development open, and to enable a sustainable life for all Luxembourgers and worldwide in the future,” says Bernhard Franco, CEO and founder of the company.

Although the majority of electricity meters in Luxembourg are already designed to read the data digitally, there are currently no user-oriented solutions that make it possible to send the data to the network, to smart home technologies or companies to process and evaluate it there. And if the user notices high consumption but is not on site himself, he can’t initiate appropriate countermeasures. That is why SecSelS has developed a system that can act autonomously if necessary. For this, electricity meters would have to be able to be connected to smart homes or smart building devices.

Smart Home Energy Monitoring from SecSelS

The SecSelS solution makes it possible to use “SecSi-Energy” monitors to control an entire house, a flat or even a whole office complex and to track the respective energy consumption. Not only the overall consumption of the entire building is displayed, but also that of all individual devices and even, when fully developed, the energy generated (e.g., by solar panels). The “SecSi” smart home system can be controlled and monitored via any Internet-enabled device that has a digital display (mobile phone, computer, tablet).

A cost-effective solution for energy saving

To make installation easier and more economical, SecSelS has devised a method that allows an entire house to be automated at a tenth of the cost of conventional smart home systems. Since no additional cables need to be laid, SecSelS makes it easy to automate even older homes. The new board can be ordered conveniently and easily at and – if required – will be installed by SecSelS.

Tailor-made all-in-one solutions for digital needs

SecSelS sees itself as a versatile, competent full-service company that focuses on digitalisation, fairness and sustainability. It offers its customers a variety of services, such as general advice and help with questions about innovations, cost efficiency and time management. In addition, SecSelS takes care of network installations of newer and older types and, together with its partners, also offers smart home-compatible alarm systems and smoke detectors (including programming and installation).

Companies that want to stay digitally up to date can be supported by SecSelS with business consultations, the creation of a company logo as well as practical advice regarding digitalisation, automatic billing systems, online shops, sales points, warehouse management software and much more. SecSelS has decided to publish the entire blueprints of the “SecSi-Energy” monitor on its GitHub account. The source code for using the board and all the construction plans are already available via this link: