Why are we called Secure Selfhosted Software?

“Secure” because nothing ranks higher on our scale of importance than security. It is important to us that all of our data and the data of our customers are secure. Safe from malware, hacker attacks and safe from accidental deletion of important documents.

“Hosted” because, whenever possible, we offer our customers to build their own server at home so that they have the opportunity to store all their data at home or in their own company and do not have to rely on external hosting providers. However, should a hosting provider be necessary, we rely on the services of our partner netcup.de. We also host our websites and services on Netcup and we are extremely satisfied with their services. As a matter of principle, we only select services and providers for our customers that we also use in our own company, so that we always know exactly what quality we are offering you. In case you’re thinking, that’s all well and good, but what exactly is hosting? The answer to that is very simple. Hosting means that somewhere in the world, be it at your home, or in the company (in the case of self-hosting), or be it with a provider, there is a server that is nothing more than storage space for your data. Connected to the Internet at all times, it gives you the opportunity to access and therefore have full control over your data from anywhere in the world.

“Software” because we mainly sell software. Software are the non-physical parts of a computer, more specifically the computer programs. We rely primarily on open source software. Open source means that the software is freely accessible and changeable on the Internet and can be used without any license costs. So there are no extra monthly costs for our customers and you can invest your money in other things.

In the end you can say that our name says it all and we are very proud to say that SecSelS has thought of everything for its customers.